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SMILE. At perludi we contribute to a world of joy, appreciation and living in harmony with nature. An extraordinary, child-centred design as well as outstanding quality and security are common to our products. perludis products make our customers, colleagues and suppliers smile.

ENABLE. perludi is a personally managed company placing children and their families at the core of its work. We design high-quality products enabling children to experience the space they live in and to participate in its design.

PROTECT. We put great efforts into the safety of your child. perludi products are therefore safe, stable and environmentally friendly.

PLAY. Play is the basis of child development. Our products stimulate the children's sense of discovery and to play. Creative play and autonomous discovery support child development, promote their independence and strengthen their self-esteem.

DEVELOP. While growing up, children achieve unbelievable accomplishments at all ages. We enjoy supporting them during this adventurous time. The children's sense of discovery is something we can learn from. We evolve with them - new products, materials, production methods and innovation are ingained in our work.

RECYCLE. perludi is a „cradle2cradle“ company. perludi uses only materials that are acquired from nature and can be returned to it. All materials are organic and recyclable.

We live
our vision.

The Company

The story of perludi

In the summer of 2007 a hand full of parents and their kids spent a weekend on an old farm somewhere in the Austrian Alps near Graz. Their goal was to have a comfortable stay in the nature with good and regional food and to put their ideas together. Thomas Maitz initiated this meeting and invited the founding team that consists of architects, designers, businesspeople and psychologists, all of which are still working in their fields of expertise. “We wanted to discuss our ideas about sustainability and the quality of life with our kids in order to work out our vision and a distinct concept for a new kids furniture brand.” This was the birth of perludi. The name perludi which comes from Latin (per ludum) and means “for playing” is the result of a creative collaboration of the founding team. Our office management team in Graz handles with pleasure all of the company’s operative work. Besides the core team, represented by Thomas Maitz, that ensures the satisfaction of our customers and takes great care of our daily activities, a number of trainees from all over the world come to Graz to work with us on our projects. We would like to thank them at this point for their friendship, their help and the amazing cooperation!

Thomas Maitz

Company manager, designer, creative director

Thomas is the company manager and designer and the man behind the business idea of perludi. Before founding perludi, the trained carpenter and interior design engineer has worked as a project manager and creative director at the carpenter’s workshop Prödl. From 2000 to 2007 he worked successfully as an interior designer. Thomas and his wife Natalie have three children, whose wishes and suggestions always inspire new product ideas and innovations. "My children are my biggest motivation and inspiration and, at the same time, they are my biggest critics."

More than just the sum
of its parts.

Our partners

perludi is supported by: "impulse" —
a business program of – Austria Wirtschafts Service GmbH,
Wirtschaftskammer Österreich & Österreichs Außenhandel

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