Biogreen mattress for kids

  • cover made of organic cotton
  • breathable and long-lasting
  • with herbal essential oils
  • suitable for OTTOintheMOON

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Details & Facts

For children up to 8 years.
Delivery time: Delivery within one week, for non-stocked products we gladly arrange an individual delivery date with you.

covers: organic cotton
core: water, bio soya and herbal essential oils

Size: 140 x 70 cm

1 parcel with a total weight of 8 kg

NATURAL. GAIA is composed of water and a special blend of natural essential oils which ensure you a restful night of sleep. The cover is made of organic cotton, the fabric does not contain any artificial additives, eases skin allergies and instantly emits spare humidity.

ERGONOMICAL. GAIA adapts to the shape as well as to the weight of the human body ideally while sleeping.

SUPPORTING. The solid core made from bio soya is softly comfortable and supportive at the same time.

COMFORTABLE. GAIA is antiallergenic, non-inflammable and breathable.

LONG-LASTING. Laboratory tests have shown, that even being in use for the long-term, the mattress keeps its elasticity, shape and breathable features.

PRECISE. With the size of 70x140cm GAIA perfectly suits the needs during bedtime in OTTOintheMOON. This size is exlusively produced for perludi.

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Care Instructions

With children, a lot can happen, especially when it comes to their bed time. So that GAIA stays in neat condition, the covers can be easily cleaned in the washing machine at 60°C.

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