Good design
involves people.



When designing for children, one has to keep in mind that the use of furniture can never be strictly limited. Children love change and the misappropriate use of objects that surround them. Designing for children means that we have to continuously work on the quality of our products and the functionality of our detailed solutions without making any compromises. Children are always at the core of our considerations.


Our furniture is fabricated by our partner companies in Austria, Germany and Slovenia. Normally, we talk to our carpenters several times a day and cooperate with them closely to develop new products. These companies and their highly qualified employees play a substantial role in the quality of our products and in our practically non-existent complaint rate. We are happy to be able to work with such amazing carpentry experts! We would like to thank our partner companies for their great cooperation – without you, perludi would not be possible!

Please touch! and feel the difference.


All perludi furniture pieces are made of natural, non-toxic, safe and child-friendly materials.


The wood used in the production comes exclusively from Europe. We mainly work with birch plywood and solid spruce wood. Birch plywood is especially stable and robust. Solid spruce wood is light and natural.


Loden is made from 100 % virgin wool. In the first stage, the raw wool is spun and then woven. The woven wool fabric is then “milled”. This milling process creates the actual loden fabric. During the process, the wet fabric is kneaded until felted. When felted, the fabric does not only become stronger and water-repellent, it also evolves ideal thermal characteristics. Through this intensive milling process, we are able to obtain a stabile, abrasion-resistant and durable textile, whose natural protective function perfectly complements our furniture.

For our furniture, we use only high quality loden from Styria. In 1888, the family company Steiner founded a loden mill at the base of Dachstein (the highest mountain in Styria) and ever since they have been producing the loden that children adore so much.


Products of our PleaseTouch series are fabricated from a combination of wood and loden. Whole wooden plates are glued together with the loden fabric. The individual elements are then milled out of the plates in one part. Through this procedure, we are able to produce pieces of furniture that can be folded at their textile edges. The loden extends over the plate edges, which gives the furniture its necessary stability. Neither glue nor dowels are needed during the assembly. All furniture in the PleaseTouch series is delivered safely, folded and in a space-saving manner, and most importantly, it is easy and quick to assemble!


For the bonding (for example for loden and wood) only environmentally friendly glue is used.

Surface & Color

The surfaces of lacquered perludi furniture are painted with saliva-resistant and environmentally friendly lacquers.

Materials Research and Renewable Fibres

Perludi keeps on experimenting with new ecological, recyclable and naturally degradable materials. At the moment, we are testing different types of renewable fibers that could be used for our furniture as an alternative to bending plywood. We want these fibers to be producible in medium-sized local businesses. If everything goes according to plan, the next perludi product will be made out of hemp and straw!

To work with passion
pays off.

Our Awards

ökoProfit Certification 2012
Award for sustainable companies
City of Graz

innovation award 2008
Kind und Jugend Köln finalist Rocker CONSTANTIN
Category toys

creative award 2007
City of Graz
first place

innovation award 2006
Kind und Jugend Köln first price for the survey möob
Category toys